Hip Hop Yoga @ Yoga 213, Sydney

As a subscriber to Women’s Health, I’m often privy to information regarding new exercises and the one that most recently caught my attention was Hip Hop Yoga at Yoga 213.

Yoga 213 has two studios currently in Australia, the first is located at South Yarra in Melbourne and the other, which is the one I attended, at Bondi Junction. The concept of Hip Hop Yoga is to not take yourself too seriously and to enjoy yourself. The hour is dedicated to a series of Vinyasa moves to music such as Nelly, 50 Cent and Notorious B.I.G.

When I first told people I was planning to attend Hip Hop Yoga, I received mixed reactions. From these mixed reactions, I could quickly determine the lovers of hip hop music and t those who couldn’t understand the idea of breaking down the stereotypes of yoga. People were surprised that this existed and often had trouble masking their initial reactions.I happen to love hip hop, so I was incredibly excited to try this class.

Bit of warning for those going to the one at Bondi Junction, you definitely need to specify that it’s in Bondi Junction if travelling via cab. For a Canberran such as myself, it is very confusing to have two 360 Oxford Streets within 5km of each other.

So after a false start at 360 Oxford Street in Paddington, I walked into the studio whose logo is visible when travelling along the main road. Once I entered, there was definitely a very cool, laid back vibe. Walking in, you are instantly greeted by an illuminated pineapple, something that Yoga 213 loves. They sell various pineapple merchandise including bags.

The Welcome Pineapple

Sammy Veall, the founder of Yoga 213 was also there, she wasn’t teaching, but I would later learn she was joining in my class.

I read on the website that they recommend that you should have done yoga a few times before jumping into a Hip Hop class. This is reiterated upon arrival. The studio suggests a Chill class for beginners. Although I had only done a handful of yoga classes, I really had my heart set on the Hip Hop class.

The class  was completely booked out so they strongly encourage for people to book ahead online; the class probably had close to a 60:40 mix of females to males. The instructor doesn’t have a mat, instead she/he wanders around the class helping people with their stances and dictates what moves should be done. This is why it is good to have a basic understanding of yoga beforehand.

The class is hard, but is still suitable for most levels. The instructor encourages you to push yourself into moves you wouldn’t normally try including crow. The music definitely makes the hour go faster with the abs section of the class timed to the music.

If it was in Canberra, which I wish it was, I would definitely become a regular yogi of 213. It’s fun, different and definitely breaks down the image barriers of yoga. If you’re a hip hop fan or just want a change in your yoga routine, definitely give it a go.



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