Sushi e, Sydney

My partner surprised me with a lunch at Sushi e in Sydney for my birthday last weekend. Sushi e is owned by Merivale and is located at level 4, 252 George Street in Sydney. Also in this building is est., Establishment Bar and Hemmesphere.

We had an early booking because my partner wanted to ensure that I would have enough time to digest before dinner (I should mention that this was my birthday and therefore would involve eating all day) and at 12pm on a Friday, we were the second group to arrive. This didn’t last long and soon all the seats were taken. I would recommend making a booking, but I’m sure you could take your chances.

Unfortunately as I was too excited, I didn’t take many photos, but hey there are enough on the website and google images to compensate for this. Plus, I really like to enjoy my company at lunch so try not to pull out the phone that often (food bloggers all shudder around the world).

Now, I love soft shell crab and there were at least four dishes on the menu that had soft shell crab. We ended up choosing two out of the four.

To start with, my partner had the Balmain Bug San Choy Bau and I had the Soft Shell Crab San Choy Bau (below is a photo, mine is on the left)…. (this is the only photo of our meals, sorry).

Sushi e San Choy Bau


We tried to share….it didn’t work, it was messy and he didn’t want to give up his, and I didn’t want to give up mine so it worked out well.

We then shared a Spider Roll (the second soft shell crab dish) and the Prawn Tempura Roll. Both were fantastic and could not be faulted at all. However as they were in between the San Choy Baus and the mains, they don’t seem to stand out terribly in memory. Please note that this is not to say they were forgettable, but when you have a four course meal, you are not going to have a strong memory of every course.

This then leads us to our mains, we had the Pork Belly and the Wagyu Beef. The Pork Belly is slowly braised in a broth with english spinach and Japanese mustard served with potato puree. The waitress recommended that we have rice with it and I am incredibly glad we did. The broth is amazing and does well to infiltrate the pork belly full of flavour. I was so in love with this broth that I started to drink it once the pork belly was finished. It is that good.

The Wagyu had a marble score of 7 and the spices were a great balance to the pork. The meat was well seasoned and full of flavour. It was also cooked to a medium rare which, in my opinion, is perfect for a meat like this.

Finally was the Yuzu Mousse which got demolished as soon as it came out. The waitress who was very warm and attentive during our service, placed a candle in my dessert as well.

With our food, we also enjoyed a bottle of the 2010 Grace Vineyard ‘Kayagakate’ wine which comes from near Mount Fuji. It was a fantastic complement to our meal. The wine was very light and was probably most similar to a Pinot Blanc and didn’t overpower the flavours of the food. The waitress was quite surprised we were ordering it and in fact asks the manager to come over to talk to us about it. She was also surprised we were ordering it. I Imagine that since Japan is not known for it’s wines and Sushi e has such a comprehensive menu, it doesn’t get ordered often, but if you go please give it a try. My partner had a bit of a gamble and wanted to try it for the novelty and it definitely paid off.

Sushi e, level 4 252 George Street, Sydney
02 9240 3000


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