CBD Dumpling House, Canberra

After watching the Lego Movie with my nephew and my partner, we headed to grab a bite to eat from the CBD Dumpling House in the Canberra Centre. The entrance of which is accessible from the street of Scotts Crossing. Whilst it was busy, we were seated straight away however towards the end of our meal we did see a line forming at the door. They definitely do turn over tables quickly here so a booking is not necessary unless you have a large group

This is the second time I’ve been to CBD Dumpling House and both times I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve never been to their sister restaurant though (Dickson Dumpling House) as I usually go to Shanghai Dumpling House since I live south side and Dickson is just that extra bit further. Since we were all starving, we had both entrees and mains today. 


For entrees we had the mixed entree (fried dim sim, spring roll and prawn toast), combination boiled dumplings (chicken and pork) and the pan fried pork dumplings. 

The pan fried pork dumplings were definitely my favourite of the entrees and they were also my nephew’s favourite. Chilli and soy sauce are available on every table and they serve the mixed entree with sweet and sour sauce. The spring roll was a bit of a let down (last time I had the duck spring rolls and they were also disappointing), but the dim sims and prawn toast were quite generous servings and are pretty tasty. 

I tried ordering another round of drinks to have with our mains, but this is definitely a get-you-in-get-you-out sort of place, so you’re best bet is to call someone down or wait until they come to your table with food.


For mains, we had sizzling mongolian lamb, honey chicken and soft shell crab in red curry sauce. I love the soft shall crab dish here, it’s very different from the standard salt and pepper soft shell crab that you see in a lot of restaurants (this is also available at CBD Dumpling House), but I quite like it with the red curry sauce and it was also one of my favourite dishes when I was travelling in Thailand (also I think its odd to have such a Thai dish in a Chinese restaurant, but hey whatever works!). Chin Chin in Melbourne have a similar dish and while it does not compare to Chin Chin, it’s pretty damn tasty! My nephew didn’t like it however as he is a massive fan of the salt and pepper combo. 

The red curry definitely does have some kick and this time I ordered it mild so my nephew could also eat it, but it was still a bit spicy so just be cautious of that. The honey chicken was quite good as well, it was a smaller serving than the other two dishes, but because we had so much food, this wasn’t an issue. The mongolian lamb was nice and was quite a large serving too. 


I definitely recommend CBD Dumpling House for a quick and cheap eat. I wouldn’t recommend it for a special occasion, but the food is delicious and the service is pretty quick. The staff, in my opinion, are a lot nicer than those at Sammys and although they are trying to get you served and out as soon as they can, there isn’t a feeling of being rushed out the door that you can get at Sammys. Perfect for a quick bite before a movie. 


For all the meals (2 x mixed entrees, combination dumplings, pan fried pork dumplings, sizzling mongolian lamb, honey chicken, soft shell crab in red curry sauce and large fried rice) plus four beers cost about $110 so quite decent.


CBD Dumpling House

Scotts Crossing, Canberra Centre. The entrance is on the street just up from the crossing near Papa Rich.

02 6262 8855


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