Chinese Kitchen, Canberra

Yesterday for a quick bite, I headed to Chinese Kitchen with my partner.

Everyone has they local Chinese restaurant and this is mine. Previously I used to love going to Ginseng at the Hellenic Club, but I found for a quick bite over Summer,  I was never in the adequate foot ware (I usually wear thongs during Summer) for the Hellenic Club which is how I found Chinese Kitchen. Chinese Kitchen is located on the strip at the top of Westfield Woden near Nandos and Grill’d.

This place is very relaxed and you never really have to make a booking. I find that the restaurant usually is busy unless you go at the very end of lunch (Chinese Kitchen stops serving lunch at 3pm). Despite this, seating is never an issue due to the availability of their outside seating.

Chinese Kitchen has a good mix of Westernised Chinese food and traditional food. They have an abundance of roast pork and roast duck which makes for a brilliant quick take-away.

My partner loves their soup and I love their soft shell crab (for those who have read my other posts, you may realise that I love soft shell crab). On this occasion we had shantung chicken, squid in x.o sauce and soft shell crab.

Their shantung chicken I find can be a little hit and miss. On this occasion I found that the spices were a bit lacking and didn’t have as much sauce as I would’ve liked however the skin of the chicken was quite crispy.

Shantung Chicken

Shantung Chicken

The squid in x.o sauce comes out on a sizzling hot plate served with carrots and beans. This was probably my favourite dish today, it was full of flavour from the x.o sauce and the squid was tender. Also, I love having the beans with it because I can find with Chinese food it’s always good to have some vegetables!

Squid in x.o sauce

Squid in x.o sauce

The soft shell crab is served with salt and pepper, is crispy and the seasoning really lets the flavour of the crab come through. It provides a nice contrast to the squid which is quite soft and saucy.

Soft shell crab

Soft shell crab

If you’re looking for a quick bite in the Woden area, I would definitely recommend Chinese Kitchen. The staff are quick and are incredibly friendly once you’ve been there once or twice. I usually leave with a handful of candy or chocolate from the manager.

Chinese Kitchen

8 Keltie Street Philip

02 6260 4888


One thought on “Chinese Kitchen, Canberra

  1. ChocMonster says:

    Chinese Kitchen is delicious! Now I’m jealous – I’ve never had candy and I go there all the time!! 😉 I’d definitely recommend the Dry Fried Chilli Beef. 🙂

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