The Five “I”s

Those who have studied marketing would be familiar with the 4 Ps – product, price, place and promotion. As society moves into the technological age, it has been proposed that there are the 5 Is.

 The 5 Is are:

  • Identification
  • Individualisation
  • Interaction
  • Integration
  • Integrity

Below are two websites that demonstrate the 5 Is. The first is Crust Pizza.

First is a screen shot of the identification for the Crust Pizza website. Some websites use IP addresses and cookies to track customer’s movements however Crust Pizza use customer accounts.

Through customer logins, Crust Pizza is able to record customer’s orders. By recording their orders, the offer the option of being able to select the same items for their first order. This is a demonstration of individualised service.

Source: Crust Pizza

Source: Crust Pizza



Next is how Crust Pizza demonstrate integration and interaction They allow customers to provide feedback, but also to read and learn about the company’s objectives. .


Source: Crust Pizza

Source: Crust Pizza



Essential to a company who conducts business online is integrity. They need to ensure that their customer’s information remains private and any information collected or distributed is with the customer’s permission.


Source: Crust Pizza

Source: Crust Pizza

The second website viewed was Youtube.


Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube


Above is my Youtube homepage. As I viewed the website from my laptop, I remain logged in so my Youtube account is automatically loaded. This is used as the form of identification.


In this webpage you can see that my homepage is tailored to me through my subscriptions (automatically listed on the homepage and I am able to manage them through the side bar on the left). Below are recommended videos for me.


Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube

As Youtube is owned by Google, the integrity of the website is under the umbrella that is the Google terms of privacy.

Privacy Google


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Peppers, D. and Rogers, M. The Five “I”s of One-to-One Marketing. Viewed 01 September 2014



3 thoughts on “The Five “I”s

  1. LaurenD says:

    Nice layout here ACuriousJuliet!
    You have made an interesting piece on the 5 I’s. I think your examples are chosen well, all quite popular and relevant to society today.
    Look forward to reading some more of your work!
    Lauren 🙂

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