Kilter @ Oxford Art Factory, Friday 5 September 2014


My friend recently invited me to check out Kilter at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney. I had heard of Kilter before, but didn’t know their music well and I had never been to Oxford Art Factory (OAF) either. Since I was in Sydney anyway I thought why not? And I was not disappointed.


I had heard of OAF before and knew that they often showcased up and coming artists such as Chrvches (and now Kilter twice). It was a lot smaller than I thought upon first impressions, but looks were deceiving.


We arrived at OAF around 10:30pm-11pm, just as the third supporting act was starting which was Hatch. Put simply, he was amazing. Hatch is classically trained in violin and a lot of his work involves juxtaposing organic and synthetic sounds. Below is a link to his re-work of Rufus’ Sundreamer.


Hatch was a great warm up for Kilter and definitely got the crowd pumping. Kilter is probably most well known for their song They Say which has been getting a lot of air time recently on Triple J, but I would really recommend having a listen to other songs on their sophomore EP Shades which this was the tour for. The rest of the EP (including the song in the video below) is a lot more chilled and relaxed than They Say, but it is just a prime example of the diverse talent Kilter has. When I listen to it, it makes me thinking of drinking outside with friends in summer time as the sun sets. The EP has a warmth to it that just make me think it would make a great soundtrack to one of those ads that you see on TV that are meant to make you jealous of the people in them (read: most telecommunication ads where a group of friends are going on a road trip to a festival/beach/party).

Kilter was amazing live and it was fantastic to see the vocalists from their EP joining them on this tour.



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