Using social media for marketing strategies

Trends have signified a shift from sharing of text to sharing of pictures and videos. Why describe what you’re up to when you can take a photo or a video! Below is a quick analysis of three social networks that are prominent in visual sharing and their major differences.

Firstly, as is the norm with social media, all three sites are built around a ‘following’. The more people you follow, the more information will be placed in your feed.



Pinterest is a live image board where you can ‘pin’ pictures from the internet or other uses on Pinterest for your boards. Boards can be used for motivation reasons or just items that people like. A lot of people will use Pinterest for plans for a wedding, party or interior design ideas.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest


Instagram is a social media website that is predominately used through their app where users can post photos or videos. There is a high use of hashtags and is a common way to follow celebrities and other users for up to date posts. Instagram’s tagline is ‘Capture and Share the World’s moments’.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram



Tumlr allows uses to post videos, photos and text. The premise is similar to that of a facebook wall however the user is able to have more freedom with the interface. (Chaffey and Smith, 2013).

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Major Differences


Tumblr allows the user to have a lot of freedom with the interface; almost everything can be customized. Instagram and Pinterest have a very rigid interface in comparison and users are unable to change the interface.

Pinterest is designed to regurgitate photos (re-pin) whereas Instagram is more based around original content. It is possible to ‘regram’ however it is quite fiddly in its designed (e.g. you need to screenshot, then crop, then repost).

Sprout Social writes that Tumblr is a microblogging tool where users can share text, video, audio and photos and Pinterest is a social bookmarking tool where you can save images for later reference.




Simply Measured released a report in June, 2014 with phenomenal stats of the above websites.

  • Tumblr had 83.1 billion posts at the time of publishing
  • Pinterest users post 3, 472 images per minute
  • Instagram users post 216,000 photos per minute
  • Instagram has over 200 million users

Sprout Social writes that Tumblr users are predominately younger and Pinterest users are predominately female.

Marketing Strategies


Brian Solis writes that a business uses social media networks to converse with their customers. This is very true in Instaram, through comments a business can interact with their consumers. Solis concludes that an effective business will use a social network as one of its primary sources of interaction with consumers, but it shouldn’t be the only channel.

All three sites can be used as a part of integrated marketing communication strategies. Choosing which site really depends on the nature of the product that you’re trying to sell. For more visual items, Instagram and Pinterest would be the most effective.If you require a lot of text than Tumblr would be the more effective site to utilise.


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