Marketing and Keywords

Search engines are used as a great source to direct traffic to a website. When a consumer is searching for an item in particular, they will often type the item into a search engine and look at what online stores appear.

This post will look at the traffic linking to the website Net-a-Porter.

NetAPorter Homepage

Net-a-porter is an international B2C clicks and mortar website where consumers are able to purchase international designer items. These include items by Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Diane Von Furstenberg. They also have a male counter-part Mr Porter. The Global Ranking for Net-a-Porter is 2.358 and is the 512th ranked website in Japan.

Due to the store only selling female items, the demographic is predominately female, which is to be expected because of Mr Porter. There are a small number of male visitors however almost all are female.



The top keywords from search engines that lead to the Net-a-Porter website are:

  1. net a porter
  2. netaporter
  3. net-a-porter
  4. isabel marant
  5. christian louboutin

The last two keywords on the list are international renowned designers, best known for their footwear.

On the home page of Net-A-Porter there is a drop down of designers. Isabel Marant’s name is listed in this drop down however Christian Louboutin’s is not.

However under the designers listed under shoes, Christian Louboutin is.

NetAPorter Designers List



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